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Cloud BI: Going where the data lives

Evidence enterprise continues to keep data in the cloud

10 hot programming languages that are on the rise

computer programming, technology

How risky will it be to run old IE after Microsoft's 2016 patch stoppage?

Extending a deadline, will it make a difference?

Google Teams With Asian Telecoms For "Faster" Undersea Cable - IEEE Spectrum

Aug 9

Required Viewing: Dan Geer's Black Hat Keynote on the Philosophy and Future of the Internet

From the man who understood the dynamics of cyber security and the economics of it long before it was in public view

Aug 6

Phantom Menace: Derelict Traps in Florida Keys and U.S. Virgin Islands

This is a fascinating article about the oceanic ecosystem. Abandoned fish traps all over. A complex issue for our ecosystems

Aug 5

Do you know who you are?? Know You Inner Sabateurs: Shirzad Chamine at TEDxStanford

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Aug 5

☁︎ EDPCloud ☁︎ demo File Sync GUI simple configuration: http://youtu.be/LJNiDpv-_EI via @YouTube #filesync #Filereplication #filesync #startup

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Aug 5

Fantastically Wrong: The Angry, Enormous Eagle That Could Carry Off Elephants | Science | WIRED

It’s okay to fail because it leads to innovation and progress. Great point made here by Matt Simon

The Best Programming Language For You to Learn