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Interpreting "Humanity" in a Click

Can it be done? You tell me.

URGENT: ACT NOW to Save the Internet

Just a few clicks to take action and make a difference

Sep 8

Where information dessimination can be used to do evil | Cross Platform File Replication and Managed File Transfer

An interesting intelligence solution that could make this world safer for everyone

Sep 6

Adventures in the Cloud

Data transfer, backup & knowledge sharing adventures | Inspired by the weekly photo challenge

Sep 3

EnduraData Adds Early Warning Email Alerts and Reporting to EDpCloud File Replication and Synchronization software. | Cross Platform File Replication and Managed File Transfer

☁︎ EDpCloud ☁︎ File Replication & Synchronization software - Leaders known for creating two of the first real time cloud companies

Sep 3

Oxygen Plus | O+ Pure 95% Recreational Portable Canned Oxygen | A safe, healthy energy boost for Auto, Travel, Office, Elevation, Play and Recovery

Interesting alternative for high elevation, jet-lag recovery, mental clarity.

Sep 3

Oxygen Plus and FlipGive Fundraising Partnership Elevates Schools and Sports Across North America

Interesting company making a difference in communities

Cloud BI: Going where the data lives

Evidence enterprise continues to keep data in the cloud

10 hot programming languages that are on the rise

computer programming, technology

How risky will it be to run old IE after Microsoft's 2016 patch stoppage?

Extending a deadline, will it make a difference?